Twice again the Cathedral of Massa City is the center of the scene with bold expositions of professional photographers, attaining a well deserved status in the international art scene. The diocese of Massa Carrara – Pontremoli has once again offered the prestigious cathedral has setting of these expositions and has offered its precious collaboration to the project created by Centro Studi Milano ‘900 and Fondazione San Domenichino whom, together with Area35 Art Gallery, asked a new group of selected photographers to deal on the theme of the “inclusion”: a new cycle of expositions has born, titled “Geografie dello Sguardo. Per una nuova iconografia dell’inclusione”. Under the patronage of the Consiglio Regionale della Regione Toscana, this kermesse will start with “Humanitas” of artist Paolo Topy the 8th of April, curated by Alice Procopio and will see ongoing expositions until the end of the year.

Quoting Giacomo Bugliani, Fondazione San Domenichino President in charge and chairman of the homonym literary Prize: “…. an important theme is the one of these expositions. More than ever in this delicate now where the problem of the hospitality has become an humanitarian priority, to be kept safe from the dire winds of populism and any form of intolerance. “Inclusion” therefore becomes the key word, the way of dealing with the everyday in our society, Art becomes the witness and the herald of this society of ours dealing with every single aspect of it. It is extremely pleasant that the different cultural actors of our territory create a net and become one with a single purpose. To this reason the “Premio San Domenichino” is proud to share this purpose with the others promoting and helping top quality events like this one”.

More so Riccardo Fini, project Coordinator: “…. Inclusion is a main theme of our society, rich of turbulent migratory trends, of deep cultural fractures that seem to be growing strong, a ever expanding divide between the citizens and those that do not belong to citizenship. It is a reality where the diversity is perceived has a weakness, a “Minus Res”. Something alien to the common belief and the plethora of social conventions to which it should compromise. Inclusion is a concept that speaks of universality: every one has the right to be included, welcomed in lieu of the diversity they represent in the social context of the new life, without the need to adhere to the mainstream culture which, upheld by the many, is actually a product of a precise historical context and therefore ontologically inferior to the guiding principle”