Area35 opened in 2010 in Milan, immediately promoting and hosting cultural and artistic events like “Super Uccio arriva a Milano” (2011) at its 8th edition in Italy and a retrospective on the work of Andy Warhol, both events patronized by the municipality of the city of Milan. Meanwhile the gallery started collaborations with italian emerging artists like Manuel Bonfanti, Alessio Girella, Alessio Schiavo and established artists like Beppe Pasciutti, Italo Chiodi, Marco Cascella and Giovanni Cerri. 

In 2012 Area35 created with Achille Castiglioni Studio Museum and Institut Français Milano the exposition “In Itinere” of designer Jacques Toussaint , held both in the gallery and in the famous cloister of the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.

The interest in Foreign art aestethics brought collaborations and exposition with artists like Photographer Neil Snape, Artist June Jin and the famous artist and Calligrapher Luo Qi of China. In 2013 and 2014 Area35 was present at the Asian and African International Art Exhibition held in Hangzhou, China. 

Since 2012 in partnership with Ninbella, Area35 hosts a permanent collection of aboriginal art painting and artifacts.

After the initial collaboration with renewed photographer Neil Snape, Area35 developed the interest in photography proposing since 2013 a series of expositions dedicated to emerging photographers and to the new talents belonging to the international context. Nowadays after Neil Snape also photographer Melis Yalvac from Turkey and Yuki Seli from Japan have joined the team.

Area 35  interests spreads on italian and international artists among the fields of painting, sculpture, photography and design, with particular interest in the analysis of the research of man and the evolving world that surrounds him/her.


Léna & Roselli Gallery started a project called BudArtPest. 
The aim of this project is to create cultural bridges and new connections between Hungarian and International contemporary artists.
As part of this collaborations Area35 Artillery will be host a series of exhibitions of Hungarian Artists like Moses Incze


NINBELLA is a modern travelling gallery, showcasing powerful contemporary artworks and sculptures from Australian Aboriginal Artists principally of the Utopia and Western Desert regions, in Central Australia. We represent highly collectable established artists, and emerging, younger artists seen in Australian and International public and private collections.

The aim of this project is to represent and showcase the aboriginal art here in Europe. As part of it Area35 Art Gallery has a permanent collection of aboriginal artworks

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