Speriamo che il Tempo non sia in Ritardo
16 May – 18 June 2019 Area35 Art Gallery Milano milano
Press Review

The exhibition "Through, we hope that time is not late" covers the latest group of works produced by the artist relating to research on image deconstruction. The architecture of the exhibition is divided into photographic works and photographic installations, a live map of a journey and his diary in the form of a square image. The viewer and the works, all immersed in an indefinite “through” space brought to light by grids, holes and subterfuges.


Federico Garibaldi


In 2006, the pharmaceutical industry giant Sanofi-Aventis asked him to talk about the world of science; powerful images are born that will soon be exhibited at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. From that moment on, exhibitions and exhibitions follow one another all over the world.

In 2012 he is at the Milan Triennale as part of a prestigious collective. In 2013 his first solo show arrives, entitled “Dokumenta” and a year later it is the turn of “A journey: space-time dialogue”.

In the spring of 2016, "BlueShores" arrives, his third solo show at the Unicredit Pavilion, curated and produced by Area35 Art Gallery. In the same year in September he created and curated the images of “12 shoes - one for every hour of the day”, the exhibition of Daniela Fedi and Lucia Serlenga at the Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan.

In May 2017, "BlueShores - The beaches of others" became part of "Geografie dello stare. For a new iconography of inclusion ", a series of photographic exhibitions sponsored by the Regional Council of the Tuscany Region, hosted in the spaces of the Cathedral of Massa. Finally, in November he presents an abstract photography exhibition at the Luo Qi Museum of International and Modern Art in Hangzhou in China.

In 2018 he made “Reggiani. A thread linking water earth and sky ”, a film that tells the institutional reality of the famous Italian company. The work represents his directorial debut and in September of the same year he was awarded the Silver Dolphin at the "Cannes Corporate Media and TV Award 2018"

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