The Evolution and Construction of Time
Digital Installation by Renato Calaj
5 May – 30 June 2022
Press Review

The Evolution and Construction of Time is a first and unique digital artwork of artist Renato Calaj.

The first element of research explained is the concept of the impermanence of things affected by time and their flowing essence from a certain distant past to a unique present.

This passage is witnessed by a constant flow of construction and deconstruction applied on the surface of his artworks. A skin, that first settles on, and then is disrupted to be reapplied again. The canvases vibrate enraptured in the role of witnessing this constant change induced by time.

But as his spray paint gestures enact the change of the dull suburban grayness into excited state of the art, here he establishes that, in the shape of a vector, the line casts a web of relationship between architectural objects and space, pushing the limits of his research into a more existential relationship between each and every part of this recently created system.

The metal structures presented in this exhibition are scaffolding that were once used to cover the exterior of buildings during a phase of construction or of restoration. They take on a new function, becoming autonomous and solitary sculptures in space. The passage of time has caused the metal structure to deteriorate, the metal tint is now opaque, darkened. Spots of rust belie an integrity that starts to lessen.

The metal surface is treated as an abstract boundary of the volume and has an essence more conceptual than sensitive: these surfaces tend to remain mute, where it is the form and volume that is given priority; the form therefore speaks while matter remains mute. The human being does not exist in isolation but is linked to the space that surrounds him; he is part of the world and of his natural environment as well as being a part of the world. He is part of the world and his natural environment, as well as part of society and culture; that is why the world appears so real because it is not separate from our existence - that's why we have to live in the world (with all its social implications, political, economic, cultural and psychological implications) rather than on it alone; the world is also "the" world: everything is connected, it is one and unified.

The ideals of perfection and completeness further detach the object of architectural creation from the reality of time and the traces of use. Making the structures visible epitomes of existence.


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